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Women of the American Revoluti

Women of the American Revoluti

It was a time when women had few rights and no say in political decidions or other matters of importance. It was a time when it was believed that women didn't have the emotional or mental capacities for highter learning and insightful thinking (and yet this era was known as the Age of Enlightenment!). Our story is a collection of reports about women from every colony, of all races, free and enslaved - Patriot and Loyalist alike - who were spies, backcountry rangers, and caregivers. Some women disguised themselves as men in order to enlist and fight. They all dared to resist the "norms" of 18th-century western culture in order to stand for their beliefs and right. These are not your typical "Betsy Ross" stories of courage and hope from the nation's first generation that would inspire women throughout the course of American history.

Written by Dr. Roger Smith. 63 pages.

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